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H o r b e r


Origin of the name: germanic (sump, wet terrain)


The name Horber with the variation "Horben" in Germany also often occurs as a place name. Thus there are two villages named "Horben", one near Freiburg / Breisgau and the other in the "Allgäu" near Gestratz. Furthermore there are two business zones in the greater area of Stuttgart with the name Horben and in Ruit near Stuttgart there is a forest, which has the name "Horberholz".

As a surname the name Horber is most frequent in Bavaria / Germany, however there are also some in Baden-Württemberg / Germany. In the other federal territory it is rare.

Also in Switzerland, particularly in the canton Thurgau, there is a considerable number of "Horber". Obviously some of them also emigrated to Romania and into the USA. Recently, I even had an E-Mail contact with a Senora Horber from Argentina, who indeed only spoke Spanish, which made the communication more difficult somewhat.



Hello family researchers, beside my own main line (with branches), I´m also interested in the farther spreading of the name Horber in Germany and in the world.

I´m looking for contacts with other researchers or name carriers / members, with whom I can exchange such data. Something reasonable only comes about however, if you make available the usual ancestor data to me, too.

If sometimes should exist something like that, I would like to participate in a "Horber - Family day".

Furthermore, in the course of my research, I discovered the knights von Horben zu Ringenberg, who also were called "die Horber".


This family crest ? is located on a porcelain-pipe, that belonged to my great-grandfather

Franz Anton Horber, born 1828.



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