Nazi postcard reprints pretending to be postally used in 1938 !

It is hard to believe, but I recently found a nazi postcard that obviously is a fake. Nothing new so far, but the *REALLY BAD* thing: it looks like a card that was postally used in 1938.
The genuine Hindenburg stamp and the writing with old german-style letters make it look almost perfect. BUT: the lower cancellation part that goes on the card is definitely hand-painted (see 1st scan below)

The card itself is from a flood of forgeries of nazi cards. Their paper is a bit grew - instead of white or light yellowish/brownish -, and the frontside print is a bit more dull. Unfortunately, you can see this kind of forgeries with many other cards, such as the 'Ewiger Jude' card.
If you are not an expert on these cards, you might easily fall on them.
This forgery's picture is about 1 mm smaller than the original one's, which doesn't help you if you don't have a genuine piece for comparison (see 2nd scan below)

But one final hint: you smell old cards, no kidding! Try to smell one of your old cards and a new one. You surely will smell a difference - genuine old cards most often smell like coming from the attic.

Here are the backsides of the cards, on top is the forgery. The manipulation of the cancellation is indicated with the red arrow. (the forgery's grewish paper doesn't really show up in the scan)

And these are the frontsides of the cards, on the right is the forgery. Take note of the tiny difference in vertical size.

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