FORGERY WARNING II (Nov 99, updated Dec 99)

Nazi Photographer HOFFMANN postcard reprints

These fakes were investigated by Cliff and Eric in the US (thanks!), I also know them for some time.

Many of the photo postcards from the Nazi photographer HOFFMANN are circulating as fakes.The best hint is the paper type, however there are different forgeries around, with white, brownishor grewish paper. Some of the forgery frontsides are really 'shining', the originals are more dull.

Many fakes seem to show the same backside without an enumeration, but I just had one inmy hand WITH the number.The genuine cards *always* seem to show some numbering - I'm not too sure about that.

Unfortunately these fakes are not too bad and exist in many variations....

BOTTOMLINE: be careful with these cards, they obviously can be faked relatively easy.

Here is a backside scan of a 100% forgery:

Here is a backside scan of 3 other fakes. Note the different paper colors:

Randy from Lakewood/CA sent another interesting info, that I forward below:

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