When offering something to me, please include some descriptions of what you can offer. Emails like 'I have 20 postcards, are you interested ?' are not easy to be answered ;-)

Of course, a picture says more than 1000 words. If you have any chance to provide me with a scan or fax, life will be easier.

There are millions of different postcards running around, and I hope that I could give an idea of what I like on my main page. Still, I do seek many kinds of cards, and they don't need to be 'high-end'. Sometimes, the little things are what makes a collector's heart beat.

I seek postcards in all quantities. I'll be glad about an offer of a nice single piece, as well as a bunch of many cards - which almost always contains sth that is of interest.

When asking me for whether I can offer it or look for it, please keep in mind that I mainly collect postcards. I rarely have other paper collectibles (real photos, posters,...) or other stuff (license plates, medals,...). It doesn't hurt to ask, but I almost surely won't be able to help you in these other areas.

You surely will understand, that from a collector's point of view, it is much more motivating to get something offered. So, if you like me to send sth to you, I will highly appreciate an offer from your side ;-) I know, I know, swaps ain't easy....

Thanks a lot for your understanding !

Thank you for taking the time to read!
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