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News from Heaven:
Runrig's Wire to Heaven ...

Now you're here
I feel no fear
I can't believe
The news from heaven
You close your eyes
On a world inside
A spark of life
On a wire from heaven
Ideologies come and go; all life is in motion - and, yet, I feel no fear in me for the eternal spark is within me. Such it is in "News from Heaven", opener on the CD "Searchlight". Runrig sings of a "spark of life" felt in an internal world. This "spark of life" is associated with heaven - "the wire to heaven". Ultimately, the unbelievably positive news comes from heaven!
Celtic Circle
In "Ard" it is also there - the "spark in your soul". Throughout the disappointments over political decisions whereby the Scottish people were refused the right to decide for themselves (nowadays things have changed), the spark in the soul has always been alive - that's what the song is about. That spark in the soul has always been the entire existence of mankind. For the writer life would not be possible without faith and hope. Once again the connection between the "spark in your soul" and profound religious ideals can be perceived. It appears to give the members of the band a dimension to their lives out of which they draw the strength to live beyond all boundaries of disappointment. I can not live in the house of despondency
But in faith and in hope till the end of my days
The spark in your soul is the center of your whole existenz
And it is bigger and stronger than any government or King
Celtic Circle
You came down
To a barren wilderness
And you raised the shadow from the valley
Gratitude and shame
The measure in each hand
We will proclaim your name in voice
On Gods way
Could a person say more about this bond with heaven? I have the impression that Runrig alludes to Jesus of Nazareth in "Thairis air a Ghleann", without specifically mentioning the name of Jesus. How do I come to that conclusion? Oftentimes Jesus is spoken of as coming down to earth from heaven. By so doing he figuratively turned desert wasteland into refreshing pastures ("you raised the shadow from the valley"). People who are aflame over this Nazarene use the same words like Runrig: "We will proclaim your name in voice on God's way." What emerges from the song sounds like a deep acknowlegdement of God. "We will praise the love and mercy which has given us our life." Could it be that the spark in your soul and the wire to heaven is a bond with God, the God whom Runrig is grateful to for their lives?
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