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Move a mountain:
On a Journey in the Name of the Lord...

Move a mountain
Fill the ground
Take death on wheels
Re-create the land
Move a mountain - a song against the Atomic powerstations along the coast of Caithness/Scotland which provide the country (mostly England!) with electricity. This is a typical example of the core of Runrig: don't accept everything simply as it is, but rather be resistent. The surprising thing is that the title of the song is taken from the bible. In the Book of the prophet Isiah it is written: "Fill the valleys, level the mountains!" A very clear and concise language - do not accept the present conditions as they are!
Celtic Circle
Runrig uses the words of a prophet; and not only in this song. In their hit "Alba" a part of the bible is listed as source for the texts. What, then, is "Alba" all about? Runrig describes their impressions while landing over Scotland. On the one hand the infinite beauty of the country is prevalent and on the other there exists a society in which social injustice is rampant. The majority of the country belongs to a few super-rich. The quote from the prophet Isiah is sent in their direction: "Woe to those who build one house on top of the other and who buy one field after the other until no land is left and they own the entire country". You that have laid field upon field
House upon house
Till there be nowhere for you to be placed alone
In the midst of all the earth.
Celtic Circle
You took your sacrifice to the gods of war...
And you beat your ploughshares into swords
Runrig call the injustice by name - just as the prophets in the bible did. I dare to say that in this matter Runrig certainly is "on a journey in the name of the Lord" (greetings from the Blues Brothers!). There is also prophetic resistance in "Protect and Survive". A warning to those who sacrifice the war gods and "make ploughshares into swords". Yet again a verse from the bible!
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