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On the following pages you will be able to find background information on Runrig which is usually very difficult to come by. General information on Runrig can be found on other sites under the links. As far as I can perceive, there is a spiritual message in Runrig's texts which I will describe here. A condensed version is to be found under In a Nutshell. An interesting remark by Calum McDonald can be found here. All songs about which I am going to say something, are in the list of songs.


Celtic circle
Alone the music of Runrig is exceptional: a synthesis of Rock music and traditional Scottish folk. Especially exceptional, though, are the texts. They speak a becoming, positive language. Unusual is not only that the people of Runrig sing most of their songs in Gaelic, a Celtic language which is still spoken in West Scotland today and which is also the mother tongue of the McDonald brothers. The refreshing, positive message in the songs is a gentle surprise.
When I met Runrig in 1987 I became aware of a distinct spiritual expression in the language of the band. I have accompanied the band over a number of years. Since then it is my opinion that the men of Runrig exude a spiritual message which does one good. It is good because they bear witness to a positive way of life and because they do not want to force me into a pre-set way of thinking but rather permit me my freedom.
Celtic circle
Celtic circle
On the following pages I would like to express my viewpoint, referring to Runrig's song texts (list of songs). You can find a condensed version of my thoughts under In a Nutshell. However, I would like to stress that it is my personal interpretation. Feel free to view it differently! In case you have become curious: Enjoy the following pages!
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